1906 Steam locomotive passes our campground

Over the past 6 years, thousands of dollars and countless hours of work have made it possible to begin operations of D&NE Locomotive #28, now operational and steamed up to pull excursions on the North Shore Scenic Railroad. The train departs from Duluth and goes all the way to Two Harbors.


I was able to get some nice shots of it.

History of the locomotive:

The #28 locomotive was built by the Pittsburgh Locomotive Works in 1906 for the Duluth, Missabe, and Northern as their No. 332.

A typical drag freight consolidation type engine of the early 1900s, she weighs in at 102 tons (172 tons with tender loaded). The capacity of the tender is 8,000 gallons of water and 12 tons of coal.

This style of the locomotive was designed to be used in general freight service, working slowly along the line setting out and picking up cars from sidings along the way. No. 28 was sold to the D&NE in 1955, and was used to haul logs, lumber products, and some general freight. It worked in this service until 1964 and was last under steam in 1965. The D&NE restored and donated the locomotive to the Museum in 1974.

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