2020 season start is washing hands, not much else.

Our plan starting this summer (2020) is to sell the house and live full time in our RV for a few years, we still are counting on that although it may be a little later in the year. Hoping that still works out. Rest assured we acknowledge the fact that a lot of people are worse off then we are when losing their job and have no money.  Hoping for all of us that we can all get past this soon.

There is an interesting article on RVTRAVEL.com that is worth a read;

Full-time RVers are struggling with finding a place to stay in this difficult time of the pandemic. As state and local authorities shut down RV parks, or limit guests to those who stay under long-term status, the number of full-time RVers could conceivably exceed the available supply of short-term spots. One California RV park owner says the whole matter could end up in court – as a constitutional rights issue.

Michael Newdow, who owns the Aurora RV Park on California’s largest lake, Clear Lake, in Nice, has a tri-fold view on this whole matter. Not only does he own the RV park, he’s also an emergency physician, and an attorney with a focus on constitutional law. Newdow was recently interviewed by Woodall’s Campground Management, and his quotes are from that interview.

The issue of RVers being locked out of RV parks because of the coronavirus pandemic is of great concern to Newdow, both as an RV park owner and as a physician. In a letter to the health authority with oversight of Nice, California’s jurisdiction, he wrote out a reasoned argument as to the need to keep private parks open.

“First of all,” Dr. Newdow articulated, “unlike immobile residences, RVs spend hours in 55-plus mph winds, thus ridding their exteriors of viruses as they are driven from one location to the next. Second, with RVs being only a few hundred square feet in size, owners do not generally have others visiting inside. Thus, any ‘socializing’ is usually entirely outdoors, where (unlike when people meet or greet inside their homes or buildings) viruses – if present – are greatly dispersed, resulting in a very low likelihood of it being transmitted to others. Lastly, owners tend to stay within their own ‘spaces’ at RV parks and they ‘socialize’ merely with hellos or waves to other guests, some twenty or thirty feet away.”

Read the full article here: https://www.rvtravel.com/is-coronavirus-leading-to-a-constitutional-crisis/

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