Duluth Minnesota William A Irvin Frieghter tour

Make a voyage to the William A. Irvin

In the heart of Canal Park, set against the majestic Aerial Lift Bridge, is a Great Lakes vessel you can’t miss—and won’t want to. Despite carrying iron ore and coal for 40 years through treacherous storms, the William A. Irvin remains in pristine condition today. Don’t miss your chance to tour the proud flagship of U.S. Steel’s Great Lakes Fleet. Schedule a group visit, get ticketing information or discover its rich history.


We went there on 5 dollars Tuesday (normally $12) The tour takes you for an hour from midship to back and to the front of the bridge.  You have to climb and descend about 18 steep ship stair ways so be prepared. Here is a little impression of this tour.

The GrottoWest Bend Iowa
Grotto 2
Grotto 3
Grotto 4
Grotto 5
Grotto 6
Grotto 7
Grotto 8
Grotto 9
flight93 1
Spirit of St.Louis
Ohio Veterans memorial park sign
edit IMG 2104
burlington bay beach 2
IMG 2790
IMG 2918
deer mom2
Back of ship
flight93 5
Ohio Veterans memorial park entrance
 RV Winnebago Vectra
burlington bay beach
oregon trail 2
Custer stone
Silver Creek Tunnel
Machine room tour
flight93 4
Moon lander
welcome sign
Vectra outside left
burlington bay campground
oregon trail 0
custer tour
beach burlington bay
captains office
flight93 3
Air Craft Carrier: Flight deck
Wall back side
vectra outside back
burlington bay campground 2
dignity 0
oregon trail wagons
Custer monument plackard
Colorful tree
captains office clock radio
flight93 2
Air Craft Carrier: Inside
fallen heroes
IMG 2096
lakeview park 1
oregon trail 1
custer indians
Split Rock Light House
 captains office typewriter
flight93 6
Air and Space Museum Washington D.C.
IMG 2103
burlington bay beach 2 (1)
custer battlefield
Lake Superior
flight93 10
America in Flight
logo on floor
Electric bay
lake view park 2
Battle of litlle big horn monument
flight93 9
First Air Baloon
Wet bay
Thanksgiving menu
flight93 8
Boeing 747 Nose section
never forget
Floorplan 40FD KS
flight93 7
World War 2 bomber
panel 19 Dwight
Driver side
Guest room
America in Flight
pow mia
Passenger sideDining table and chairsTV has been replaced with a newer digital.
pow mia detail
IMG 2077
purple heart
Looking forward to the shower
Looking forward
tank description
Control panel (OnePlace)
Truck Heli
Looking to the back Bedroom
wall 1
wall 2
wall 3
KitchenMirror backsplash has been replaced with sticking tiles.
Couch behind driver.
Looking forward louvre doors in the bedroom.
Washer/Dryer in bedroom
The GrottoWest Bend Iowa


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