Old age brain farts?

O I’m so proud of all the gizmo’s  and techie stuff in the RV and our car to make life easier. But it did not work out the way I expected. To have the same TV stations in our RV and at home, we have DISH network and bring our kitchen receiver in the RV to have the same channels as at home. SO far so good. It worked in Wisconsin and Iowa but after that only errors and connection interruptions.  Eileen favorite channel from PBS did not work. So hours of trying all kind of different things did not solve our problem. Last resort was a chat with DISH technical services. It was solved in 5 minutes. PBS is a local channel and the FCC does not allow to have that broadcasted in other areas than where you are at the moment. Just message DISH every time you are in a different location and all is well. When the tech typed that I realized I knew that but it never occurred to me that was our problem.





Then we went to the “Flight 93 National memorial” that is about 30 minutes from our campground. Just plug the address into the GPS of our car. It could not even find the address so we used our phone to get there. On our way back it was a long road and we both were thinking we remembered some landmarks as “Oh I remember driving by this when we arrived” However the sign for our camping never showed. Ok just plug it into the GPS but it could not find that address… again?? The car GPS is an older model that does not have enough memory for all states so it was set to central USA. But now we are in Pennsylvania, that is clearly in East USA. An update online solved that problem. And I remembered that you have to do that to get different parts of the USA.



Wow is this old age brain fart?

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