RV Thermostat upgrade

I upgraded the RV thermostat to a digital version with WiFi. Now when we go somewhere without our dog I can check in via my phone app. to see the temperature and also know if the RV is online. It will also alert with an email when it is getting too hot or too cold. Now we set the temperature where we want it and it automatically kicks off cooling or heating. It has many more options including changing settings via the internet.

This is the Ecobee Smart Si.

The old one:

Coleman Mach

Biggest drawback: the temperature has to change 5 degrees Fahrenheit before the cooling or heating kicks in after you set it to a temperature. Also, you have to manually change between heating and cooling.

One of our forum members figured out the installation setting with all the wires. After following his instructions I was able to make it work. The new also looks great!

For this post go here: http://janeandjohn.org/pages/Ecobee1.html

Update 8/12/2017

Proof that the Ecobee works as designed; It was hot during the day yesterday and the cooling kicked in. At night it cooled off to 51 F and the heat kicked in automatically, then this morning the sun came out and it heated up again, the cooling kicked in. This all without touching a button.
Sweet, we are so happy with this new thermostat!


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